Before Coming

Please save yourself some disappointment and read this before coming to us for assistance.

Proof of Address:
Please bring, on every visit, a photo ID showing residency in LA County.   If you do not live in LA County, we will give you food once and help you find a food bank closer to your home.

Family Size:
The first or second time you come in, please bring some form of identification for all children in your household. The ID can be a picture ID, school ID, or an medical insurance card.

Frequency of Visits:
Cory’s Kitchen Food Pantry is not meant to be your sole source of food. We supplement other sources available to you, including food stamps. We try to give you enough food to last at least one week.  Since we are here to help supplement your needs,  families may only obtain help from Cory’s Kitchen once per month.

Thank you and may God bless you and your families during this difficult time.