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When we fail

February 2, 2016
Pastor Mark discusses how we tend to look at our failures and how that differs from how God might look at them.


January 26, 2016
For the first three chapters of the book of Romans Paul has been telling us how we invent our own religions and get it all wrong. BUT NOW! he's going…
Are you a moralist who makes up rules for others to follow, and when they break them, you look down your nose at them, while you yourself are in fact…
Pastor Wayne takes us through Paul's introduction to his letter to the Romans. Why do we feel we need to perform to earn God's grace?
Pastor Wayne takes us through familiar Scripture in Luke Chapter 1, and focuses us the thoughts and feelings of Mary as she pondered the meaning of her child.

We are a garden

December 15, 2015
Pastor Mark takes us through the metaphor built up in the Bible that the church is like a garden tended to by the Lord as the master Gardener.

Beating the December Blues

December 1, 2015
Pastor Mark addresses the topic of depression and characteristics and practices of people in the Bible who overcome it.
Pastor Wayne kicks off a series that will provide an in-depth tour of most of the doctrines of the Christian faith. He says: If I were to end up on…

Be Angry! And yet…

November 17, 2015
Pastor Mark discusses how a Christian is to regard and respond to offense.
Pastor Wayne discusses the manuscript, archeological, prophetic, and statistical reasons why we can rely on the Bible being the Word of God.

How to Wage Spiritual War

November 3, 2015
Pastor Mark tells how the tactics and strategy that the natural man has developed to fight natural wars are the wrong tactics and strategy to use when fighting a spiritual…

Jesus’ Passover Party

October 27, 2015
Pastor Wayne asks the question, "Are you a Martha, a Lazarus, a Mary, or a Judas?".

Jesus Raises Lazarus, Part 3

October 20, 2015
Pastor Wayne continues the story of Lazarus, focusing on the challenge all of us at some time face: the Pharisees knew that Jesus was the Messiah but did not wish…

The Mayor and the Pharmacist

October 13, 2015
Pastor Mark talks us through real-life struggles that Christians, both young and veteran, can face, presenting ideas of what mature Christian Living looks like.
The faithful Christian has far more than belief and faith -- the faithful Christian has a relationship, and all that comes with it: faith, hope, love, trust, companionship.

The Heavens are Telling

September 29, 2015
Pastor Mark preaches how the creation of the universe and the creation of us within it is enough to convince all people of the reality of God's Hand in this…

Jesus Raises Lazarus Part 1

September 15, 2015
Pastor Wayne illustrates that because Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, the Christian has confidence in his own eventual resurrection.

Here’s Mud in Your Eye

July 23, 2015
The healing of a blind man, and how it relates to our own Spiritual conversion.

I am the Bread of Life

June 23, 2015
Jesus is the food that will sustain us throughout our lives here on earth and into eternity. Why settle for the life you have when you can exchange it for…

The Suffering Servant

August 12, 2014