Sermons by Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark asks and answers the question, "If God is all-powerful and can do anything, why couldn't he just with  stroke of his pen pronounce us to be forgiven?  …
Pastor Mark explores reasons people fall into wickedness, that we might better guard against being wicked ourselves, but also so that we might better understand the brokenness of the wicked...…

Let There Be Light

May 31, 2016
Is Genesis chapter 1 just a historical account?  Or is it an introduction to the entire story of God?
Pastor Mark talks about the much of the Scriptural support for the Christian teaching that says that the Bible was written for normal people to read and understand. And if…

When we fail

February 2, 2016
Pastor Mark discusses how we tend to look at our failures and how that differs from how God might look at them.

We are a garden

December 15, 2015
Pastor Mark takes us through the metaphor built up in the Bible that the church is like a garden tended to by the Lord as the master Gardener.

Beating the December Blues

December 1, 2015
Pastor Mark addresses the topic of depression and characteristics and practices of people in the Bible who overcome it.

Be Angry! And yet…

November 17, 2015
Pastor Mark discusses how a Christian is to regard and respond to offense.

How to Wage Spiritual War

November 3, 2015
Pastor Mark tells how the tactics and strategy that the natural man has developed to fight natural wars are the wrong tactics and strategy to use when fighting a spiritual…

The Mayor and the Pharmacist

October 13, 2015
Pastor Mark talks us through real-life struggles that Christians, both young and veteran, can face, presenting ideas of what mature Christian Living looks like.

The Heavens are Telling

September 29, 2015
Pastor Mark preaches how the creation of the universe and the creation of us within it is enough to convince all people of the reality of God's Hand in this…

The Suffering Servant

August 12, 2014

As a Propitiation

November 19, 2013
Pastor Mark teaches through the gospel, exploring in this message the answer to the question of how a just and fair God can simply forgive sin.   Something happened that…